Eran Sinai

Consumer Protection Expert

Born and raised in Israel, Eran first came to the United States as part of an Israeli Ministry of Defense mission. He attended college in NYC on a soccer scholarship. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, went on to receive his Masters in Commercial and International Law, and later completed his Ph.D. Doctorate in Law.

In 2008, Eran was introduced first-hand to the stressful and exhausting aftermath of medical identity theft. Eran needed a kidney transplant and his wife matched as a donor. Months after the surgery, the couple was shocked to discover that Mrs. Sinai had been declared legally dead and that someone else had been using her insurance information – and racking up huge bills in the process. The experience of correcting the devastating and destructive fraud compelled Eran to found ID CyberCenter, an identity theft monitoring & protection company.

As CEO of ID CyberCenter, he is responsible for corporate vision and strategy, validates budgets and revenue, connects with investors to ensure cash flow and fund for growth and expansion. oversees all company operations including the financial operation, sales teams, directing a team of legal and tech experts, overseeing Business Development, and the main Identity Fraud Resolution and Recovery Department.

His altruistic drive paired with his formidable experience proves the perfect recipe for Common Sense with Eran Sinai, a talk radio show on ESPN 1700 AM. As the host of Common Sense with Eran Sinai, Eran addresses contemporary technological concerns and trends in the financial, mortgage and real estate markets.

Eran contributes his vast knowledge in finance restoration in his role at Consumer Guardian Law. Consumer Guardian Law (CGL) is a consumer advocacy focused law firm, specializing in all aspects of consumer protection & debt, bankruptcy, divorce, personal injury, wills & trusts, civil litigation (FCRA, FDCPA, RESPA), tax resolutions, and more. Eran guides CGL business development, marketing, public relations, collateral and website thus enhancing the firm’s image and visibility in desired markets.

As a former professional soccer player and longtime athlete, Eran has tremendous passion for soccer. He is a self-described “foodie” and a barrel-aging home hobbyist. He is a Kidney Transplant recipient and is a member of the San Diego Transplant Olympic Team. He was also part of the US National Kidney Foundation Transplant Team and competed in various events. He is frequently invited to speak on cybersecurity and consumer credit education panels and is actively engaged in the San Diego arts and culture scene. He is a Member of the Identity Management Institute, Center for Identity Governance, and serves on the board of OCCAM (Organization of Compliant Credit Account Managers.)

Eran has a passion for consumer protection and actively works to raise public awareness about identity theft, privacy, scams, fraud, and other related issues and is widely recognized as an expert on these topics.

Eran’s background working with the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Federal Reserve and his passion for helping consumers secure and protect their identity and finances supplied him with a wealth of experience making him a well-known and widely recognized expert in the cyber-security and consumer debt fields.