Jonathan Yong Esq.

Adjunct Professor at Trinity Law

Attorney Jonathan Yong is a California Licensed attorney who attended Trinity Law School. Currently, he is a Partner at Paraclete Law and is the General Counsel for Alleviate Financial Solutions. Jonathan brings clarity to the compliance landscape through his extensive research and study of the impacts of laws to the Financial Services Industry.

Previous Experience
Advisory Committee for Children, Youth, and Family – City of Irvine.

Project Coordinator at the US-Korea Law Foundation.

Adjunct Professor at Trinity Law School.

Director 2017-2018 Orange County Korean American Bar association .

Laws of Korea 2015 Ed. – While working at the US-Korea Law Foundation, Jonathan was on the Editorial Board of the legal textbook “The Laws Of Korea.” Jonathan was also a contributor of the Law of Korea 2015 ed. This text book is a legal text book for American Jurists to understand intricacies of South Korean Law for the purposes of trade between the two nations. This text book has been recognized both by the Ministry of Justice and the Constitutional Court of South Korea.