W. Joseph Mashini

Master of Ceremonies and Industry Veteran

I pride myself as having a long history of being “Captain Of The Ship”. I read a quote once that said, “A Smooth Sea Does Not Produce An Expert Mariner”, it does have validity and truth to it. I am proud that I worked long and hard to build an organization that truly helps people. My team and I do everything we can to understand and connect with every person that comes to us. I have been blessed in so many ways, with my health, success, talents, opportunity and my Family and Friends, its my duty to give back! I take credit for absolutely nothing, He has bestowed blessing upon me, with this comes humility and an understanding of my mission. As I strive to understand and define it, I know I am here for a reason, and to help as many people as I can while I am here.

I was elected to MC this event and I am thrilled to do it. Many of you are my friends, my colleagues and fellow pioneers in this industry. Revcon2017 is about to change the game and drive the Debt Relief Industry into the mainstream. It’s high time we made this move. Let’s roll!