Revcon2018 is the year's most anticipated debt relief and financial services convention! We'll see YOU there!

What Does My Ticket Include?

All Revcon2018 Supernova Passes INCLUDE 2 nights hotel, food and beverage at the event and general admission. Revcon2018 Staff will reserve and assign you rooms upon purchase, refunds are allowed only within 72 hours of purchase. No refunds are allowed beyond 72 hours of purchase since rooms will have been secured and paid. Allocation of purchased tickets to a different attendee are allowed beyond the 72 hour cancellation.

Nova Passes include General Admission and food and beverage during the event. No refunds are allowed beyond 72 hours of purchase. Passes may be re-assigned to a new attendee upon request.

Are Spouses Really Free??

Spouses are always welcome at Revcon2018 at NO CHARGE. On Supernova Passes, ONE room will be reserved for you. Since our spouses have to put up with our late work days, stresses of business and all our creative awesomeness, they should be involved. They will likely also keep you out of trouble in Las Vegas, ha!

Can I Transfer My Ticket to Someone Else?

Absolutely! All tickets are transferable with proper notice.